Monday, September 29, 2008

The New Moon

We'll see how long this posting streak can run here. I'm intent upon writing every day and in order to keep up with all the writing opportunities I have in Detroit, I have to. Ill be sharing time between Detroit As A Portal and our baby blog, Aya Rising. Both have been quiet, but we're changing that.

This first new moon of August was incredibly settling for us. It was about as decadent as it gets for us these days. We decided not to attend the Chicago/Michigan Burning Man Decompression this weekend and took the weekend off from the Market due to my Mac crash, so we had time to sit together and reflect a bit on the past few months. Sometimes we're so in "it" that we loose grounding and the ability to see the big picture. This weekend allowed us to ground and boy did we need it!

This is one of those points that I've struggled with repeatedly on my path. It's also the reason why I always try to convey the importance of grounding in class. It is vital to take your awareness WAY out to your fingers and toes and that we really try to "be" in our entire bodies. While this is true, it is also true that being mindful is a process rather than a concrete state of mind. The ability to know the place, state and characteristics of ones awareness is the next level of being aware.

Recognition and knowledge of the fluctuations of ones awareness without judgement seems at this point to be the task at hand for many of us, Angela and I certainly included.

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