Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Simplicity; Parsed, Categorized and Rendered Complex

Last night, Angela and I met with a few new lawyers who really cleared up a great deal of our concerns about the way that we have and will structure Detroit Evolution Laboratory. We really appreciate them coming down and cleaning a few things up for us. It calmed some of our structural concerns. Angela made this incredible baked tofu dish, a side of sweet potatoes and an organic mixed greens salad that really hit the spot for a light fall meal. After dinner, I went over to visit with the boys down the street and to welcome John Sinclair back home from Amsterdam. His birthday's this Saturday and there's going to be a celebration at the Bohemian House. We've got an evening Fall Into Vegan class and it's also Ella's birthday and we'd like to get out to see her too! It is going to be a busy Saturday full of celebration.

Speaking of celebration, both Angela and I have noticed a huge shift in the past week. Things seem to be a bit lighter even though we have been faced with some of our greatest challenges. This brings me back to the evergreen but oft forgot notion that it really is all about perspective. It is simple I know, but why is it so hard to believe it can be simple. Of course, contrary to the cultural norm, my idealism increases as I age. I think that there is potential for radical individual coup d’├ętat within each of us and that a loose system that celebrates and encourages revelation will rise to facilitate change. 10 years ago my college friends recognised a shift from what they called "spooky-Gregg" to a more laid-back relaxed model, and that evolution has continued in the face of jeers over the last decade.

I mean, my youth was as rough as it can get for a lower middle class white kid, my cynicism high even as a pre-teen, and my eventual arrival in anarchist and counter-culture theory and practice provided a firm defensive footing. My balls-out creds stand intact. I've paid my dues on defense and in the process have learned vital techniques to finesse reality and think that my cynicism assisted as vital training in depth psychology and matter manipulation. I was a fairly apt study and quickly learned that the world is as mutable as one's belief. I worked this model successfully for years but now I'm discovering and walking with the more subtle theory that strong, yet non-dogmatic, individual belief structures can render great change in this space we inhabit. At least that's the story I'm sticking with for the moment. I'm confident that it will morph and change.

Well, that's three days of musing and it is flowing easier everyday.
More simplicity: If you don't use it you loose it and you are what you eat.
The reliance upon complexity for meaning or purpose becomes more ludicrous every day. Of course, if the exploration of complexity brings you joy, then by all means furrow your brows to your own delight!

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