Monday, May 15, 2006

Scientology's Super Power

If I had a dollar for every time I've almost written an anti-scientology rant here I'd have those glasses already. My research on scientology goes back 20 years to a time when I just had a funny feeling about it. I soon discovered the links between Crowley's OTO and Hubbard and it all spiraled out from there. Let us just say that I have a great deal more than a slight distaste for the entire "religion." And I'm not just jumping on the now in vogue anti-scientology bandwagon, I was anti-scientology BEFORE it was cool. Here's a bit of info on the scientology Disneyland that's going to be opening in Clearwater. ~Gregg

Scientology nearly ready to unveil Super Power
In the works for decades, the closely guarded spiritual training program will be revealed in Clearwater.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like City of Lost Children made here in good ol' USA.
Great that we have all been preparing for with our own methods for quite some time.
Onwards & Upwards indeed.

pranajockey said...

Greg, I think it is important to explore the alleged but hypothetical connection between scientology and anusara yoga. Will anusara be taught as part of the new spiritual training program? Are the universal principles of alignment communicated from the disembodied spirit of L. Ron Hubbard? Is John Friend an alien? Important questions....