Monday, May 15, 2006

I Am Jack's Cold Sweat...

In the past year insomnia has become one of my dearest accomplices. Upon my return from Mysore, a two week stint of insomnia brought to light the DIY Reality Engineering Workshops. This past week has found me in a similar insomniac state. This insomnia isn't negative in the least. It's more like the Wide Eyed Awe is just too much to bear. I lay in bed starring at the ceiling fan and allow the possibilities to wash over me, flagging the truly incredible ones with a special hue of light, an aetheric post-it note.

The holy grail of last night's fit is simple, all life hangs upon the angle at which you hold your head. Yesterday, I had an epiphany upon a single drop of rain while Monster Magnet's Nod Scene played over and over. Yeah, things are getting strange over here in the deep end of the pool. If I were you I'd think long and hard before venturing out. You could find yourself wearing D&G shades, listening to Garth Brooks, and making love with old men at Trader Joe's. The old guy says, "excuse me but do you know you have a permanent smile on your face?" To which I reply, "yeah, I put it there for good keeping." I buy him another round and we each move forward with our missions smiling all the way.
Alright, coming to for a moment, picked up the new release Nobody & Mystic Cords of Memory, Tree Colored See. Um, WOW! Beautiful beat sprinkled psychedelic folk. Could be the summer 2K6 soundtrack.

More Wide Eyed Awe to come...

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Anonymous said...

Shine on Brother, Shine on!
Laughter is the best contagion
Rhymes and rhythms of the Mystics
Abandoning the pessimistc
Color Smiles embracing the Vine of Eternity
Wide Eyed Wild One Eyed
Children Vibrating, Oscillating, Stimulating
Arcing the Light
Discontinuing Blight
Turning the Negative to a Positive
The Beat goes On…..