Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Chicago: This Weekend, The Last Chance to Catch INHERITANCE

Creative Arts Melting Pot (CAMP) presents INHERITANCE, for a two weekend run at the Chopin Theatre May 12th- 14th and May 19th– 21st. This premiered performance will take on a more narrative approach than any of CAMP's previous work, which creates new exciting challenges, and it's CAMP's first time in developing work through their collaborative process that starts with a written script.
INHERITANCE is a dark love story about a young woman's acceptance of her own destiny. The story is told through a tapestry of scenes, narrated by the young woman named Alice. As Alice sits in her flower shop, an unexpected flower order triggers a series of memories that force Alice to face her past. These memories unfold through video, movement, music and dialogue, filling the stage with her haunting thoughts. One moment Alice is talking to the audience directly, the next moment, a video flashback of her memory appears on a suspended screen on stage. Then, a dance unfolds as her words describe a delicate blue iris, with the sounds of a live marimba echoing in your ears. The audience is left with the overwhelming feelings that fill Alice's heart. Alice has inherited a lonely life with only her flowers and herself.

CAMP is a collective of four unique artists, each with their own specialties - sound by Mark Marzocco, movement by Laura Chiaramonte and Heather Kroski, video by Laura Chiaramonte and text by Colleen Murray. CAMP is honored to be working with collaborating artists: Writer, Davidson Cole, Video Artist, Nat Soti and Lighting Designer, Rachel Damon.

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