Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Anti-Incineration, Pro-Recycling Action - THURSDAY!

"What you burn you cannot earn” -- This was one of Mayor Bing’s campaign slogans and many people voted for him because he said this, let’s hold him to it!

What: The GDRRA* meeting
When: Thursday, June 18, 2:30pm
Where: Finance Department Conference Room, COLEMAN A YOUNG MUNICIPAL CENTER

*Greater Detroit Resource Recovery Authority - Board of directors that oversees the incinerator and are appointed by Mayor Bing

The Anti-incineration/pro-recycling rally Tuesday was a huge success with many people attending, and major media and press picking up the story. The next call to action is Thurs, June 18, 2:30pm at the GDRRA meeting. At this meeting GDRRA (the Mayor) will release the new plan for waste disposal in the city of Detroit, incineration or recycling. We will have the answer on Thursday.

Please come and show your support and keep the phone calls and emails going to the Mayor’s office with your concerns.

Mayor’s office phone: (313) 224-3400
Mayor’s office fax: (313)224-4433
Mayor’s office email:

In 2008 City Council adopted the New Business Model for Detroit Solid Waste to:

* Stop burning over 2,000 tons of trash each day by July l, 2009
* Begin citywide curbside recycling & recovering materials for reuse
* Create new jobs & opportunities to attract green industries— a number of companies are interested in doing business here using Detroit’s captured waste

Urge Mayor Bing to take these steps by July 1, 2009:

* End burning Detroit trash; no agreements for incineration after June 30, 2009
* Create more jobs and make Detroit a healthier city
* Full transparency of all waste contracts

Call or write:
Mayor Dave Bing 313-224-3400
Charles Beckham:

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