Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New Class! Everyday Raw: The Fundamentals of a Raw-Vegan Diet

Everyday Raw: The Fundamentals of a Raw-Vegan Diet
Saturday, July 18, 2-5pm - $50
Location: The Detroit Flyhouse in Eastern Market

NOW is the perfect time to begin your transition to a raw vegan lifestyle! Angela will show you how to successfully incorporate more raw foods into your diet by sharing basic techniques and tips meant to inspire and empower. Learn how to blend, sprout and dehydrate with confidence! (Don't fret if you don't have all of the fancy equipment and gadgets, we always try to have a low-tech option available with each recipe.) Angela will also share her own personal journey to healing physically, mentally and emotionally through diet.

Vegan and Raw Food Classes with Angela & Gregg

Our classes are about much more than just food preparation - learn how to reduce waste through composting and recycling, explore sustainability, meet like minded people, and share great food, information and resources. We offer our students a unique experience and an opportunity not only learn, but also to connect with others and realize the importance of food in our lives and the world. The food you choose to eat can change the world! Space in these intimate classes is limited and full payment is required to register. Please call 313.316.1411 or email info@detroitevolution.com to arrange payment.

Detroit Evolution promotes Active, Aware, Healthy and Sustainable Vegan and Raw Food Lifestyles in the city. We offer classes and workshops on Vegan and Raw Food, Yoga, Meditation, Shamanism, and Body Awareness. We also offer Bodywork, Nutritional Counseling and Sustainable Lifestyle Training. We provide "green" sustainable Vegan and Raw Food Catering for any sized event.

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