Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Evolve Detroit - Anti Incineration, Pro Recycling Action TODAY!

Good Day Detroit and all those who grace us here,
Welcome to a short "Anti Incineration, Pro Recycling" Evolve Detroit. I'm putting together a full Evolve Detroit as we speak, but we needed to get this important information out this morning.

Before we get into the details, I want to thank all of our new subscribers for joining us and have to express our deepest gratitude for the outpouring of support we've received in the past two weeks. Though our decision to "decentralize" the Lab was difficult, we all feel as though a great weight has been lifted. Taking the Lab on the road has already provided us a great many opportunities to establish new partnerships and to look at our purpose and mission from a different position. We're excited about this transitional phase and look forward to sharing our work throughout the city and region. Thank you all so much for joining us here! It means the world to us.

In Health, Joy and Liberation,

Take one step today to make Detroit a cleaner, healthier, safer city.
Help the children of Detroit breathe free.

Anti Incineration, Pro Recycling Action - Call TODAY and join us at the rally!
If you live, work or play in or around the city of Detroit please use the info below to contact Mayor Bing's office TODAY. You can also join Angela, Aya and I at noon in front of the Spirit of Detroit for an important rally that we hope will inspire Mayor Bing to shut down the incinerator.

Anti Incineration, Pro Recycling Rally
When: TODAY, Tuesday June 16th 11am-1pm
Where: Spirit of Detroit Statue on the corner of Woodward and Jefferson

Mayor Bing, through the Greater Detroit Resource Recovery Authority (GDRRA) will release his decision on the future of our trash on June 17th. Since his election, he has withheld his position on use of the incinerator for Detroit's solid waste. This is cause of great concern as the decision can impact the City for up to 20 years.

This is a critical moment for any concerned citizen of the Detroit area to speak out against incineration and show support for recycling. This moment gives Mayor Bing a wonderful opportunity to move Detroit forward: to improve air quality, Create jobs with the materials recovered in recycling and to reduce costs of solid waste management for now and the years ahead. As he said during the mayoral campaign, "what you burn cannot earn." LETS HOLD HIM TO IT!

The Mayor’s position will be evident on June 17th. Join others to speak up for a cleaner, healthier, greener Detroit.

Please email, call and fax your opinions and concerns TODAY!
Mayor’s office phone: (313) 224-3400
Mayor’s office fax: (313)224-4433
Mayor’s office email: iojeda@detroitmi.gov and ojedai@detroitmi.gov

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