Sunday, February 03, 2008

15 Years Later: A New Use for Crash Worship

Ah, a brilliant and interesting morn in the Lab! Only a few moments ago, if you would have looked in, you would have found Angela and I madly hula-hooping with Crash Worship cranked! We are really enjoying this hula-hooping thing and, as I type, I realize a more subtle connection. Micha gave us these hula-hoops this week and, my years may be off, but in 1992 I traveled with Micha and a few others to NYC to see Crash Worship's now infamous Halloween show at C Squat!

In our mythology, we call this little connection or synchronicity a Signpost. Life becomes more interesting, thousandfold, when you begin to read the Signposts! They have a tendancy to denote proper alignment with one's path. They also have the ability to assit in working with non-linear time. But that is a tangent that will be satisfied by looking into my upcoming Outside Time Management workshop. I think we're going to roll these out in May.

You can listen to a Crash Worship track on my myspace profile. I used to travel around with them and assist with their shows back in the day.

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