Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Few Photos from The Lab

Our friend Karen sent us this picture of her daughter Ella enjoying last week's Soul Food Extravaganza. Karen and Ella are regulars at the Lab and when they visit Ella's favorite thing is to help me take out all the yoga mats and then put them back away. Peter, Karen's 10 year-old vegan son, is also one of our youngest students. He's attended 2 of our cooking classes and gave me one of the best birthday cards ever with a tibetan OM symbol drawn by hand! I actually made my first friendship bracelet ever for Peter. It took me 38 years to sit down and figure out how to make a friendship bracelet, and I finally did it because I met Peter! How cool is that?

We also have this great shot of Angela's Raw Nachos. All the offerings at the Lab are dedicated to the health, joy and liberation of all beings. Due to our traditional yoga leanings we emphasize the spiritual aspect of diet. Last week, I "super-charged" this plate of Nachos by placing it on the altar and focusing a bit, before calmly devouring it!

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