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Evolve Detroit! - Cookies!

Detroit Evolution Laboratory - Yoga, Massage, Vegan and Raw Food, Cooking Classes

February 4th, 2008

"The soul is a breath of living spirit that
with excellent sensitivity
permeates the entire body to give it life.
Just so,
The breath of the air makes the earth fruitful.
Thus the air is the soul of the earth,
Moistening it; greening it."

- Hildegard of Bingen

Gregg & Angela
Your Lab Assistants,
Gregg & Angela

Hello Detroit!
Welcome to this week's Evolve Detroit! We're pleased to present this new format and think it will assist in perusing our many offerings with ease. We'd like to note that some email software may alter the way you see this newsletter. If you'd like to view it the way we intend it to look, please visit our Evolve Detroit! page. Some of you may find the online version easier to read!

While on the subject of ease of use, we are EXTREMLY pleased with our new online calendar! Please bookmark it and visit often. *Hint* If you explore it thoroughly you may have a head start on signing up for our sometimes hard to get into classes! We're also in the middle of creating the Evolve Detroit! blog where we'll both be posting on a regular basis! In the meantime you can catch Gregg's near daily musings in his Health, Joy and Liberation blog. Mercury, which according to astrology has a great deal to do with communication, seems to be in our corner this week as we roll out these new ways for you to tune into the Lab!

So, without geeking out too much and forgetting our mission, we'll now ask you give yourself your weekly Evolve Detroit! break. Top off that beverage, sit back in your chair, and breathe deeply. Let a light smile come across your face and give yourself permission to read through this week's edition and take in all our offerings. We guarantee that you'll learn something new if you allow yourself to follow a few of our links too. The Hildegard of Bingen link above will do nicely, btw. Shall we then?

If you are new to Evolve Detroit!, we thank you for joining us! This is the section of the newsletter where we fumble about trying to thank everyone who has assisted us in the development of the Lab. We are so thankful for every call and email, every visit for lunch or for yoga, and for every thought and prayer sent in our direction. We are blessed to share with you all in whatever form. Please know that we consider each of you to be a vital aspect of of our work because you've lent us your attention, even if only for this moment, and that is a fundamental building block in the creation of community. Thank you for giving us the honor of your awareness!

We want to acknowledge our friend and inspiration Ritu who is moving to San Francisco. Ritu has been a great boon to Lab and we will miss her! Also on the exodus tip, our favorite locked couple Steve and Michelle are moving too. We will you full manifestation of your desires as you create your new homes! Godspeed and Blessings!

We also want to send a special thank you to Carla and everyone at Veg Michigan for their wonderful announcement on our offerings in their February newsletter. We don't have an advertising budget and hate to use paper so the only way we keep the Lab going is by word of mouth and support from other small businesses and organizations like Veg Michigan.

Highlights This Week
Whew! There are so many things to share this week. First, we want to mention the construction on I-75 and that the Mack Ave bridge over I-75 is closed! You can still get to us with ease but you may want to give yourself a bit of extra time. If you have yet to do it we recommend you program our number (313.316.1411) in your phone so that we can be of assistance if you need it.

Wednesday is a Moon Day so plan to join our 7 am free pranayama class. We'll be working on breath and meditation techniques!

We also have 3 seats left in this Saturday's Vegan Valentine's Class and would love for you to join us. Angela is putting together the menu now and this is the perfect class to take on your own or with a friend!

Our second Movie Night will be on Tuesday the 12th! Our very loose topic is advertising and how it shapes public opinion. The event is free and we'll have some snacks to share. Also, thanks to Andrew we're even going to have a projector this time around!

There is space for two more couples in our Valentine's Day Massage Class! This is going to be a fun and informative class where we'll share many of our favorite massage techniques. If a massage class is not in the stars for your Valentine's Day, consider giving a Lab Gift Certificate to your special someone. They're good for any of our healthy offerings and are a great way to introduce someone to our work here.

We also want to make sure that you note our special engagement at Irene's Myomassology Institute in Southfield to celebrate the Leap Year. Angela will be preparing an incredible meal and demonstrating a few of the dishes! The cost will be $15 and all the details are below. To join us you'll need to RSVP through the Most Awesome Vegetarian Meetup. There are limited seats so please do so today!

Yes, we know that you'll be excited when you make it to the menu and see the Cookies! That's right, we'll have Angela's Vegan and Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies all week long. Gregg is very happy about this development and is certain it's a sign that we're on the right path.

With all that said, we'll encourage you to get your orders in early this week as we have some exciting media coverage hitting the streets! It's our intention to sell out everyday and take the Lab a step closer to becoming Detroit's first and only Vegan and Raw Food dining experience! We thank you for your support and assistance in making this happen!

Also, we're putting our hearts on our sleeves here, but if you or someone you know is looking for a healthy, sustainable, community-based business opportunity in or near Eastern Market please get in touch with us. The time is now, Detroit is ready and we have the talent, the ability and even the perfect crew, but we need investors to assist us in providing our offerings to a greater percentage of the community! Our work is strong and from the heart. We would love to sit down and share our extensive business plan with you!

Have a blessed week and know that we hold you in the highest regard for having the courage to pursue yourself!

In Health, Joy and Liberation!
~Gregg & Angela


Greening of Detroit The Greening of Detroit has kicked off it annual Spring Tree Sale. "One of The Greening of Detroit’s central objectives is to reforest the city of Detroit. Every Saturday during the spring and fall we sponsor tree plantings in neighborhoods. Our Annual Tree Sale is another tool we use in our quest to plant trees throughout the city. Each year we look for a corporate supporter to underwrite the tree sale, allowing us to sell the trees for less than we’ve paid for them. Some years we still take a loss on the sale, but our goal is to plant trees after all, not to profit from them, and so we feel that all of the effort and expense that goes into the sale is well worth it if the trees and shrubs that we sell each year thrive." This year the Tree Sale is available to both Detroit residents and non-Detroit residents! Preorder your trees for pick up on Saturday April 19th here in Eastern Market. Download the order form pdf for more details.

Please come out and join us at Sattva Yoga Center in Dearborn on February 16th as we partake in Hoopin' for the Hood! We'll both join you in an all levels yoga class from 9 - 10:15 am and afterwards Angela will be kickin' out her Raw and Vegan Snacks and refreshments! You'll also have a chance to check out the latest tool in consciousness expansion!

The hula-hoop isn’t just fun, it’s a spiritual tool; increasing focus, self confidence, presence, and bliss, while lessening self consciousness. The goal of Hoopin’ For The ‘Hood is to create and hand out at least one thousand hula hoops to disadvantaged youth in the inner city.

Saturday, February 16th, 9 am-10:15 am, all-levels yoga class
Optional: Snacks and hula hooping until 11:30 am

We will also be accepting donations for Hoopin' for the Hood from now until the 16th. When you stop by for food or join us for yoga please consider donating to this great cause! We spent a great deal of time last weekend "in the hoop" and we think the hula hoop is a transformational tool!
You can read more here.

Hoopin for the Hood


Moon Day Alert!
This Wednesday, Feb 6th, is a Moon Day and we will offer a Free Pranayama class in place of our asana practice at 7 am. The human body is 70% water and is influenced by the moon just as the ebb and flow of the tides are. In traditional yoga asana (physical poses) are not pursued on days of the new and full moon. To share our traditions and connect to the rhythms of nature we offer free pranayama (meditation and breath) sessions on days when our classes correspond to the moon. As Yogi Bhajan told me this morning "Meditation is the medicine of the mind."

We are also enjoying our friend Taya's Mysore blog. Gregg practiced in Mysore in 2006! Godspeed to Taya and all who she is traveling with!

Recently we've been focusing on the importance of bringing our awareness into the furthest reaches of our bodies, our fingers and toes. This week we'll expand on the importance of our extremities and begin to work with self healing through pranic visualization. Our classes will fit and benefit the advanced practitioner and beginner alike. Please check our schedule and join us.


Also Note! We are pleased to be involved with Hoopin' for the Hood but to do so we're closing up and heading over to Sattva Yoga Center in Dearborn on Saturday Feb 16th. We will not have our regularly scheduled 9 and 11 am classes, but instead will have a special class at noon.

We want to make sure and mention this wonderful opportunity and support Ashtanga Michigan and Matthew's diligent work offering traditional yoga practices in Metro Detroit! Though this time slot means we are unable to attend, we encourage our students to expand their relationship with yoga by spending time with Meknala Desikachar! ~G

Don't miss this divine opportunity
Vedic Chanting with MEKHALA DESIKACHAR
"Mekhala Desicachar is offering an ongoing class on Tuesday nights from 6-7 PM at Ashtanga Michigan. As a student, teacher of this tradition and lineage of yoga I invite you to cast your fears and inhibitions aside and do something that will further any level of understanding of yoga you are practicing. This is truly yoga taught in it's pure form. Mekhala's family tree has deep roots in the yoga traditions and their branches reach further than we can even imagine. This is a wonderful offering she wishes to share, so please come out for it is my wish to awaken and educate our Metro Detroit area. Namaskar, Matthew Darling"

Massage and Bodywork

Valentine's Day Couple's Massage Class - Feb. 14th from 7:30 - 9:30 pm.
Share the power of touch with your partner in this fun and exciting hands-on class. We'll spend about a half an hour going through massage techniques and health concerns. Then your partner will get on the table and we'll walk you through a 40 minute full body session! You'll then get on the table and experience the same session. Really the biggest concern you'll have is figuring out who will go first! Proper draping and modesty will be respected throughout the class. This class will be perfect before or after a romantic dinner. Only $100 per couple! Call for more details and to register. There's still space for two more couples!

Gregg practices an amalgamation of Massage, NLP, Reiki, Shiatsu, Thai-Ayurvedic Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy & Guided Imagery. Call to schedule your session today!

Bodywork Rates:
First time clients: $50 for 60 minutes!
30 minutes $50.00
60 minutes $80.00
90 minutes $100.00
5 hour cards are available for $300. A $100 savings!


If you would like to experience Reiki, individual therapeutic sessions are available at our bodywork rates. Please call Gregg to schedule your session today!

Evolutionary Symbols - Reiki II Certification, Tuesday, Feb 26th from 7 -10 PM.
Reiki II focuses upon Symbols and their various uses in all aspects of life. We attune the attendees to Reiki II and practice self care and client techniques. The class will be an hour of lecture and two hours of hands-on group work. A frame-worthy Reiki II certificate will be presented after completion of a one hour practical with Gregg to be scheduled on your own. The cost for certification, that includes the group class and your practical with Gregg, is $200. To register for this special offering please call and speak with Gregg at 313.316.1411.

We'll offer Reiki I again in March!

vegan and raw classes

Angela Kasmala Angela's classes are about much more than just food preparation - meet like minded people, share great food, information and resources! We will prepare a four-course meal from start to finish, and then sit down together to enjoy the fruits of our labor! Unless otherwise noted the cost is $50 per class. To register please send an email or call 313.316.1411 and leave a voicemail. Angela is also available for private classes and classes geared towards specific dietary concerns. More Details

Vegan Valentine's Class - Feb 9th, 3 - 7 pm - 3 seats left, register today!
Food can be healthy, delicious, sensual, nourishing, and healing. Preparing a meal for or with someone you love is a very special connective experience. High quality, organic food connects you with your Soul, your Partner, the Earth, and the Universe. This class is perfect if you want to surprise that special valentine in your life with a romantic and delicious vegan dinner, or come as a couple so you can re-create this beautiful meal together in the comfort of your home. Angela will take you step-by-step through the preparation of a full dinner menu, from a sensuous appetizer to a sinful dessert, with decadence in between!

Intro to Raw Foods - Feb 23rd, - 2 seats left, register today!
In this class we will be covering all of the basics needed to create amazing raw dishes for your family and friends! Angela will show you how easy “un-cooking” can be by taking you step by step through the preparation of a full menu, touching upon topics like soaking/sprouting, dehydrating, and mock cheezes, after which we will sit down together to enjoy the incredible meal just made and wonderful conversation!

Special Engagement in Southfield! - Limited seating, RSVP today!
Leap Year Vegan Class
- Feb 29th 6:30 - 9:30 pm
Angela and Gregg met while working at Irene's Myomassology Institute$15.00 per person! Join the Most Awesome Vegetarian Meetup to RSVP! For more info contact Irene's @ 248.350.1400 and to celebrate the Leap Year we'll return with a special vegan cooking class. If you've wanted to visit the Lab but haven't yet, this is a great opportunity to experience Angela in action. The menu includes: Seitan "Steak" Fajitas with Red Pepper Cashew Vegan Cheese, Mock Sour Cream, Shredded Lettuce, Mushrooms, Peppers and Onions, JalapeƱo Corn Bread, Spanish Rice, and Black Beans. Angela will demonstrate many menu items and recipes for all of the food will be provided.


Tuesday, Feb 5th - Friday, Feb 8th Offerings
Call Ahead to Order 313.316.1411
Our food is lovingly hand-crafted daily using organic and/or local ingredients! Quantities are limited to keep everything FRESH! We sell out everyday so calling as early as possible (even a day before) is encouraged. Pick-up and Delivery are available between the hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Limited Downtown and Midtown delivery is available for $2!

Vegan Offering: Seitan "Steak" Fajitas $10
Juicy succulent pieces of Seitan roasted in traditional Mexican herbs and spices, along with Bell Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, and Zucchini, served with Chili-Flour Tortillas, Red Pepper-Cashew Cheddar "Cheese", Fresh Salsa, Shredded Romaine Lettuce, Brazil Nut Sour "Cream", and a side of Spanish Brown Rice with Black Beans and Diced Tomatoes.

Raw Offering: Marinated and Stuffed Portabella Burger $10

A large Portabella Mushroom marinated in Sunflower Oil, Nama Shoyu, Garlic, and Black Pepper, stuffed with our rich and creamy Cashew Provolone Cheese, and dehydrated until warm and tender … placed atop our wonderful Pumpkin-Sunflower-Flax Bread and served with crisp Romaine Lettuce, sliced Tomato, marinated Red Onion, Stone-ground Mustard, and a Lentil Salad tossed with our Lemon-Garlic Vinaigrette.

Angela's Raw Energy Nuggets $3
Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts, Raisins, Agave Nectar and Safflower Oil blended together to satisfy a sweet-tooth craving or as a mid-day "pick-me-up" snack.

The Everybody is a Star Salad $7
We start with a bed of crisp mixed greens, and you choose what fresh local and/or organic toppings you want to add! You also have your choice of homemade dressings to heighten your salad experience.

(5 are included, additional toppings are .50 each): Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Carrots, yellow, green or red Onions, Avocado, Peppers, Walnuts, Sliced Almonds, Pecans, Raisins, Cranberries, and Micro Greens.

(All of our dressings are vegan, sugar free, wheat free and made with sunflower oil. We use sunflower oil so that the true flavor of the dressings can shine through.) Angela’s Signature Lioness*, Lemon-Garlic Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Sesame-Ginger Vinaigrette and our Green Detroit Ranch.

*Lioness Dressing is: Sunflower oil, garlic, stone-ground mustard, lemon juice, sugar-free/wheat-free Worcestershire sauce, sea salt and black pepper.

Chewy Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies $2 each
Need a chocolate fix? Try one (or two or three!) of these incredibly moist and delicious cookies! You won't believe they are VEGAN!

Detroit Evolution Kombucha $2 for 16 oz.
A new batch of our almost too popular kombucha will be ready around Feb 10th! We encourage everyone to bring in their own bottles, but we'll provide them if we have them. ~G
We're very pleased to be offering our Kombucha Tea! Our Kombucha SCOBY's (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) are lovingly cared for and render a highly potent tea. If you would like to try our kombucha please bring a clean 16 oz. glass container and we'll fill it. Our kombucha is much more potent than the mass produced and bottled kombucha available at local stores so less is required.


1434 Gratiot Avenue #1, Detroit MI 48207
NOTE: Our entrance is behind our building NOT on Gratiot!

We use google maps for directions, they're much better at it than we are. If you need assistance please email or call 313.316.1411. The Lab entrance is well marked and located off the cobble stone service drive behind our building on Gratiot. Please pay attention to parking signs and meters if you elect to park on Gratiot or behind the building.Align Left

Click once a day to donate food!The Hunger Site

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