Sunday, January 27, 2008

KUKL's "Manifesto"

This from the liner notes of KUKL's The Eye. KUKL was the prequel to The Sugar Cubes, who of course thrust Bjork onto the world stage. Based on this "manifesto" it is interesting to postulate Bjork as one of the most successful occultists of our time.

Angela and I were talking of manifestos the other day and after hunting this incredible example down this morning I realized just how much these words influenced my development. Of course, those were days when Psychic TV's releases nudged me to give up life as I knew it and take up couch surfing the occult underground network of the late 80's and early 90's.

The Lab certainly resonates with the power referenced here:

Our aim is to work for the betterment of humanity through our music. We feel that music is one of the strongest mediums that you can have access to in the Western world as money is not our game we rely on the inherent power of our group.

Our power is what we are and what we do: through listening to us people will become part of the transmission of that particular power, even should they not realize what we are about. Whether we should be considered artists, does not really matter at all.

We leave that problem to those who want to define to understand. - We only want to wake up in people dormant powers which even they did not know existed. Sometimes we even don't know ourselves what we are doing, as we are still learning. The "magic" has not been intellectualised or consciously assimilated to what we are doing.

Even the name of the group shows this: KUKL, meaning "Psychism" implies dabbling with some unknown forces and we don't want to get stuck in any definitions as to contents or procedures as that would put an end to our learning process and our transmission. This "something" that we are dealing with is also a thing that we are against defining. We are not preaching convictions as they tend to produce convicts. The only clearly definable thing in our floating philosophy is that there is more to life than THIS. We want to be able to blow a few sparks into a consuming fire, burning away restrictions. A large portion of music in our times is serving us a tool with which people are lulled to sleep while those in charge are steering us towards our doom.

We want and we must catch the attention of those lunatics and show that we want to be reckoned with when it comes to defining the rules for our life and death. Our music is our strongest weapon in that battle, it is also nourishing for us and gives us strength to tackle this devilish problem. But as to the future we don't have any five-year-plans - although in a sense we feel we have been booked for eternity...

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Anonymous said...

i love the manifesto, but damn them for the bane that is Bjork!