Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Morning Videos from the Lab

Arcade Fire, Black Mirror
Just came across this in my Sunday morning search for "cool stuff." I know, it's an old song but I dig the imagery and the fact that you can turn the tracks on and off is fun. I liked the combo of 1, 3, 5, & 6 on. It makes it even more moody.

Hercules and Love Affair, Blind

Antony of Antony and the Johnson's lends his voice to this catchy little bit of light. I just had to make it the Lab's myspace song. The video has a nice feel to it as well, but Roman orgies are so Frankie Goes to Hollywood!

Bjork, Declare Independence
I just found this as well and it made me want to pick up the new Bjork. Thanks to an early entry into Icelandic music, through CRASS & PTV, I've been listening to Bjork for over 20 years now and still appreciate what she is putting out. I should try to find the manifesto she wrote for the band Kukl in the early 80's. It speaks their intention to explode their punk paganism to the masses and change the world. She has certainly succeeded in aspects of that agenda! Also this video is more great work from Michel Gondry! Antony, from above, did a duet with Bjork on Volta and I need to check it out. It should be sweet!

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