Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Era!

As Angela would cryptically shout: "5 More Years!"

I don't do New Year's resolutions but rather create large overarching goals for myself in light of the turning of the Wheel of the Year. One of these overarching goals is to write on a regular basis and add to the trail of documentation that I have rendered throughout my life. I've kept a journal since I was 16 years old and on New Year's Eve I pulled a few of my old journals out. Since moving my writing online I've censored a great deal that I would not have otherwise. My written journals from 10 years ago contain experiments in stream of consciousness that I am both embarrassed by and blushing about. Regardless, I am going to try to get back to some basics in 2008 and writing with a more modest censor is one of the goals. Though I do not want to throw anyone off with TMI I do want to get with a more realistic expression and share it with those we've come into contact with since opening the Lab.

Angela and I are teaching our Body Awareness Class this Sunday the 6th from 1-5. It's already sold out but I'm so excited about it that I have to mention it here. I think that this will find its way into a regularly offered class. I'll provide some of the information that we share here so that we can all benefit from the info.

I'm also excited about our participation in Lululemon's Loft Yoga Party this Saturday the 5th. We'll be bringing a great deal of Vegan and Raw Food snacks to share!

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