Sunday, January 20, 2008

Exile on Main Street

I missed a great deal of popular music due to my typical bent towards all things moody, quirky and so far off the beaten path that I'd come back from retrieving it with scars. Last year, I rediscovered Zepplin and I'm just now sitting down to The Stones' Exile On Main Street. This release is their most critically acclaimed and at the same time unheard by many due to FM radio's failure to keep any of it's 18 tracks in heavy rotation. Sure, you'll hear Tumbling Dice on occasion the 2 or 3 times a year you accidentally get into your car without your mp3 player and the CD players on the fritz.

So, now that we're getting into the thick of Exile, I'm realizing that this is one of THOSE albums! Similar sensations rushed through me while listening to Zepplin last year. I knew many of the tracks from my early childhood. Exile hit in '72 and my father and album-oriented FM radio stations were playing it over and over again. It's odd to be reintroduced to the soundtrack from your 3rd year on earth! And the memories conjured, incredibly strong! I can vividly hear my father singing these tracks with and without the Stones backing him up. Regardless of our minimal interaction these days, one of the many great talents past to me by my father was bestowed through a musically active childhood. I cut my teeth to revolutionary rock anthems and Zappa was my Mother Goose. I could go on and on, but business call and I must return to the Stones and get crankin' on this week's MLK Edition of Evolve Detroit! Though we're closed on Sunday we actually end up working more intensely as we have to catch up on business, try to answer emails, clean and somehow get to the laundromat! :)

Life is Good, but Being is Better! I'm off to expand my experience (across time) while rocking out to these soulful white boys. Let it Loose!

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