Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pizza Parties and Primordial Soup

Working late tonight with AK, which is cool. We're finishing up this huge project for the school and listening to good music, eating sushi, scanning documents, hyperlinking and bookmarking. Fun stuff. We'll get out of here once we burn it to CD and verify that all the links work. AK's been working on this since September, and it's the culmination of a ton of work by everyone on staff. This is just one phase of a bigger project though, and it's not over 'till the guvment sings. It's wonderful to work for a place that you truly care about. You're willing to put in extra because you love it and the people you work with.

On other news, this weekend is going to be friggin' huge! A bunch of the Chicago kids are coming in and staying at the Lab. We're having a huge pizza party and sleep over in honor of one of our bestest of freinds. We're pulling out all the stops with individual pizzas, three different kinds of sauce and every topping you can imagine. Chuckie Cheese ain't got nothin' on us!

The past two weeks have been pretty intense with finishing up this project at school, spending a great deal of time in prayer and puja, cooking and eating phenomenal food, teaching yoga, popin' and lockin' to some new music, spending time with friends and family (family is sacred and it must be protected), and simply falling in love with the world around me. There is so much joy out there. It is as if every day a new veil is pulled aside to reveal a greater and more awe inspiring world.

There is one phenomenon that has stuck me quite intensely in the last few weeks. During my puja, prayer and meditation I've been expressing a great deal of gratitude towards everyone around me. Typically I will bring to mind the person I am grateful for and simply ponder them. Recently my thoughts of this person will turn towards their parents and then to their grandparents. This process continues from generation to generation. I then experience some radical shifts in consciousness until I am seeing prehistoric type scenes. This then goes into a very abstract biological mode dealing with the "primordial soup" and then the stars. Very similar images have been going through my head when I pray over my food. The workers, the crops, the earth, then molecular make up, primordial soup and stars. It all goes back to the campfire of the infinite I suppose. I am so thankful these days. I've survived a horrible injustice and my appreciation of life, love and possibility is powerful and pungent.

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