Friday, November 17, 2006

The End of eASER and AMMA

I worked 36 hours straight but AK and I finally finished the eACER last night around 8:30. We took it to the FedEx so that it'll be in DC this morning and did a dance when we dropped it off. It is incredible the things that you will do when you love your job and everyone you work with. I'm truly blessed to at Irene's! Speaking of Irene, my grandmother came for lunch on Wednesday and got to meet Irene. It was pretty cool to see the two of them together. Irene did some muscle testing on my grandmother and shared quite a bit of info about osteopaths versus medical doctors with her.

So, we celebrated last night and had this incredible asparagus and avocado salad that Eric picked up for us. Thank you Eric!!! I woke this morning, cranked Godspeed You Black Emperor, meditated, prayed and just chilled. Today will be about getting all the supplies for the weekend's festivities and catching up on errands. Might even have enough time to go shooting!

I'm thrilled that Thanksgiving is coming as I have so much to be thankful for.

Oh yes, Amma is coming! Do plan on going to see her and take darshan. Check the link for more info. I took darshan with her last year for the first time and it was just incredible. There will be satsang and kirtan and Oh Boy!, I'm like a little kid about this stuff. I'll be going both Sunday and Thursday and should have a big posse in tow. She visits at the perfect time as well! Lots of perfection floating about these days!

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