Monday, September 18, 2006

Sunrise Gardening & New Yoga Classes

This morning, I woke wonderfully at 6 AM and spent about an hour in the garden pulling some weeds and cleaning it up a bit. I figured today would be rain and wanted to get it done prior to its arrival so it could heal any damage I did to the remaining plants. Some of the weeds are pretty aggressive and are working to disrupt the beauty of my ground cover. I love gardening in the fall and prepping the beds for the fall.

Speaking of gardening and fall on the horizon, I'm teaching two new yoga classes on Monday nights. One is at 5:20 at Irene's in Southfield and the other starts at 7:45 and is held at the wonderful House of Yoga in Berkley. If you are new to yoga or looking to step up your current practice fall is the perfect time to get to a class. I find that I become much more introspective in the fall and that this brings a deeper insight to all aspects of my practice.

I look forward to seeing you all and wish you a joyous equinox! ~Gregg

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