Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dolce & Gabbana Update

So, thanks for asking how the Renegade Dolce & Gabbana Fund Raiser is going. I had to cut back on pounding the pavement there for a few weeks as I was killing myself by laughing to tears everyday. I've caught my breath and now I'm back at it.

So, drum roll please!

The D&G Fund is at a whopping $50 dollars! Thanks so much to those who have stood up against oppression and have sent a clear message to reality. This rare breed, those with the mark of the blessed and those with a lightness in their hearts (and now their pockets) have spoken, nay shouted! from the mountain top. Due to their disregard for what others think and what is acceptable in this day and age, we are now one third of the way there. Amazing! Bless your dear souls.

Look! You see, the sun is BRIGHT and these rhinestone encrusted symbols of grace are the only things that will save my dear hazel eyes. Some of you might think, yeah right schmuck, get your ass down to K-Mart and pick up a pair for $5.99 like the rest of us.

But don't you see what you're doing? You deserve better than K-Mart shades. You, dearest readers deserve your deepest desires made flesh. You deserve to be bathed in the most opulent fineries imaginable and I tell you here and now, the way to pave the road to opulence for yourself is to embrace this fund raiser. Reach out and set these divine shades upon my nose and ears and let the world know you stand behind what is right and what is good. You can and will make the world a better place. There is an answer to tyranny and it is the Renegade Dolce & Gabbana Fund Raiser. Please visit the sidebar of the main page to stand up and make your donation!

Goodspeed to you and thank you for all your support! ~G


Anonymous said...

You are killing me over here! Thanks for helping me earn a spot on the carriage ride to eternity... I needed all the help I could get... and by gosh, it wasn't until I became part of this "Movement" that I was able to achieve this. Bless you my son, Bless you!

A.K.A Reformed Sinner Extraordinaire

Anonymous said...

I need that three bucks to get less than a gallon of gas....mmmkay??

yoga chickie said...

Hi! Yoga Chickie loooooooves fashion. So, I sent you a whopping $.01!!!!! For some reason, I had to pay 5 bucks in shipping. What are you shipping me, exactly?


Anonymous said...

i'm ok with not being the "rare breed" and not being "the blessed and those with a lightness in their hearts" and I already have a lightness in my pocket. And I have never really contributed to the betterment of society. i can't say that i have ever done anything to "make this world a better place"... Tyranny is ok by me, as long as they are wearing SS stormtropper uniforms. heah, heah, heah (sleazy laugh).

so "yeah right schmuck, get your ass down to k-mart" and get a job as a bagger with the rest of the retarded people. I know that sounds harsh but if you get and wear those sunglasses... you will be retarded...

xoxo - kim

Anonymous said...

Hey bro,
Send me your adress so's I can contribute my humble amount to the cause celebre, protecting those eyes o' yourn for, I know , your eyes have seen the glory, the eyes have it, eye am what I yam, n little lambs eat eye V. I don't know from pay pal n they get ya 5 bucks for credit thing so, count me in for 20 bucks.Frank

Anonymous said...

Mira, you are the "movement"

Dude, if you want to play into George Bush's hands like that feel free to do so. mmmkay?

Lauren, I'm working on the paypal thing... the good news is I DO get the $5 for shipping. It doesn't go to them. Thanks for pointing that out. Glad you believe the HYPE!

Kim, dear sweet Kim. You sound less like an SS officer and more like a Bolshevik! Maybe the Vikings should get a short bus for burning man as the folk have spoken and they say D&G sunglasses are the call of the day. Look's like I'm destined to be "retarded" as you call it. :) One person’s handicap is another’s brilliance!

Frank, you are the glory that I have seen! We shall call you Bright Star and rub your belly for luck the next time we see you.

Thanks to all who commented here and in my inbox. You’ve busted my gut again!

yoga chickie said...

Enjoy my $5.01!!! It was much funnier when it was only $.01 though. Damn. I hate when big conglomerates like Paypal take away my attempt at humor. Must they steal EVERYTHING from us??!!!

I think you be da balls in those D&G's. I don't think you'll be retarded if you wear them. But one never knows, do one?

If it makes you feel any better, I just ordered a pair of sunglasses for $150 on I am one of the retards who attempt to use fashion to try to make me look cool and "in the know".

Perhaps I need to start a foundation to benefit myself, something like "Save Yoga Chickie From Becoming a Retard by buying her stuff at Walmart". By the way, what is Walmart anyway?


Anonymous said...

Bolshevik! Ouch! you know how to insult! i am just kidding about the retard thing. you mentioned k-mart, and k-mart makes me think of retarded people... and the joke was funny. anyway, i actually have no problem with expensive sunglasses. the lenses deflect the suns rays better than cheap ones do. i am all for you having a good pair of sunglasses, but those, oh god, those. have you really thought about this? you know, if you raise the money, you will have to actually wear those... in public, right? i just wanted to make sure this joke(?) was not going too far.
xoxo- kim

Anonymous said...

I though the Commie thang would get ya! :) Yes! I know the box I have opened with this whole rhinestone sunglasses adventure. BTW, I intend to wear them during your wedding ceremony! :) Love you guys, ~Gregg

Anonymous said...

Lauren, thanks for watching my back! I need all the help I can get these days. It's getting pretty hot in here. I'm going to be pounding the pavement a bit in the next week. The rains been heavy here in Detroit but I know the sun is coming and I'm basing my survival on those shades.

I say start your fundraiser and get it out there. We've got to get down to brass tax here with designing our world.

Smiles and light,