Thursday, May 11, 2006

Where Is The Promised Land?

I wake to "dreamsquence" rolling. The first motion is a smile and a chuckle while the first thought is "what am I going to make today?" When you're married to the Sky and the universe is a bit of lint in your belly button you know you've got it made.

These portents are met with a brilliantly dark combo of reading Daniel Pinchbeck's latest work, 2012 The Return Of Quetzalcoatl, the clouded sky, leaning into the wind while walking through the center of Detroit to the Ayahuasca Temple built in the 20's and there waxing with the bright-eyed Signpost over holy black bean water.

Of course, it could be the Green & Black's Organic Bittersweet 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate talking. Decadence!

Yesterday, I taught my first class at Karmanos' Cancer Institute. 12 people attended and only 3 of them had practiced before. I have to say that one of my favorite things in the world is sharing yoga with first timers. What a vital moment! The hour they spend with me will become what yoga means to them and could possibly put them on a different path. It is at this moment I try to take my consciousness out of the space and become a mediator of the energy and info contained within the natural occurring force we call yoga. Yes, it went well yesterday and from the looks of it the majority of the class absolutely loved it.

Life is good, but Being is better! ~Gregg


rew said...

i'm telling ya, that green & black's should be illegal it's so good.

have you tried the maya gold? in-freakin-credible.

Anonymous said...

You need to stop putting mind expansive- chocolate- indulging thoughts in my head… enough is enough.
~Your first time, first time yoga student~


Anonymous said...

The trials one goes through for Green & Blacks chocolate:
SO here I am hours away from being at School where I can satiate my after fast, menstrual chocolate cravings. After patiently reading this blog and its entire goings on about Green & Blacks chocolate (Food of the Gods). I went to lunch and patiently listened to a certain someone… ahem…;) and one of our friends at Karmic CafĂ© wax poetically about … you guessed it chocolate! Now I am starting to move from Zen like patience to full on Tamasic lust for chocolate… it starts occupying my every thought upon my return from work. Statements like the above started to manifest in speech: “Yes I ‘ll do those spreadsheets on the excel file, Ms. Chocolate…um er. I mean Ms. Wilson” I started feeling like Wimpy from Popeye… jonesing for mother’s little helper… I would gladly pay you on Tuesday.

5pm hits and I am outta work, faster than you can say johnjacobjingleheimerschmidtt. I am a woman on a mission. I jump in my car happily humming along to Bob Marley, One Love… some reflections from this past weekend. Thoughts of Green & Black dark cocoa goodness dancing through my head.
“Ca chunka , ca Chunka, ca Chunka!”
That sound is coming from my car, Lola. Apparently the cement mogul on Third and Fort (love our city … can’t make sense of the road repairs sometimes) that I normally avoid just took out my muffler ….it was on it’s way out. I just didn’t expect today would be the day, but that’s the Universe for you…. Always the merry prankster =)

At this point I think that this is a minor set back between my chocolate and me…. however, I don’t have any wire hangers… but hey! I have a necklace made out of hemp rope! I call one of my male friends to be sure that what I am doing isn’t just one of my whimsical ideas… like that time I thought I ‘d attach my passenger mirror with panty hose… that’s a whole other story. Confirmed by said friend (thanks Doug), I started to head home where I could pick up a wire hanger to finish the job.

Feeling quite accomplished, humming Mac Gyver I continued onto school after some more pit stop repairs. Finally I made it to school with only 5 minutes to spare to get to the store and class before I would be late, thankfully campus is small! Furiously I ran to the store. Wouldn’t you know it from the entranceway to the display is roughly 20 feet…. I saw the last Green & Black Dark Chocolate…like a rabid flying tree squirrel I leapt through the air to stake my claim… at this point nothing is coming between me and my serotonin upload!

One of the storekeepers started laughing out loud… “ I see that you are off your fast! “ That’s right, I gave her a brief run down of my day and my longing.”Ohhh well, here let me ring you up…. I don’t want to come between a woman off a fast and her chocolate (chuckle. Chuckle).”
Wise woman.

I ripped open the bar and melted into the cosmos… Thank Craig Sams and Josephine Fairley for bringing this to the rest of the world, and for doing it with Class… Fair Trade and all!

Thanks everyone for letting me share!
Shine On,