Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dolce & Gabbana New Moon

Yeah. It was great to stay in bed and snuggle this morning. That's one problem with that early morning yoga thing. Another reason to love the moon I suppose.

So, the response to my Renegade Dolce & Gabbana Fund Raiser has been GREAT! A few brave souls have actually parted with their hard earned $$$ and donated to the cause. J9 is working on a little thermometer type graphic for my sidebar that'll tell you all were we're at. In addition to the funds, I've had a queue of emails regarding my audacity, questioning my sincerity, and praising my foresight. For example:

See Gregg, once per paycheck, I try to donate $25 or so to a cause I'm down with: Planned Parenthood, Oxfam, Campaign for Tibet, Black Commentator . . .

The Gregg Dolce & Gabbana "Locs" Slush Fund?

I'm not saying I'm gonna throw down the cash, but I will say that this little . . . experiment? . . . is one of the coolest, most original, most tasteless, most absurd, and therefore, possibly most worthwhile "causes" I could imagine giving to.
There was also:
By the way, those shades fuckin' rock -- I've a bit of a fetish for all manner of sunglasses, and these are top notch, for sure.
Thanks for the feedback everyone! I also got some interesting information about the Pope wearing Prada and Papal placement of designer shoes and accessories. That got me thinking about a whole new twist on my little designer fashion game!

Seriously though, to those who have donated, a heartfelt thank you and a big huge grin. You've made this world a bit more interesting to say the least. Anything is possible so look out for big guns coming down the Renegade track!

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