Friday, April 28, 2006

We Interrupt The Hilarity... Co-op!

Monica from City Yoga sent this my way this morning and it's worthwhile for those of you in the D. The revolution starts at the cellular level and being directly involved in what you put in you body and where it comes from is a great first step.

The Cass Corridor Food Co-op is having a general membership re-organization meeting on Saturday the 29th at 1:00 pm. An election will be held for a new board of directors. The co-op is located at 456 Charlotte St.

I know everyone is busy, but if you want a health food store in Detroit that is open to everyone you should try to make it to this meeting. The co-op definitely needs some help, but they seemed to have turned a corner with their accounting problems. Apparently the Wayne State Society of accounting Students uncovered some embezzlement issues and now the co-op is trying to file for bankruptcy and get a fresh new board. If you have any questions contact:

Chuck Vance, Co-op Reorganization Committee
(313) 341-0227
Malaika Davis, Co-op Reorganization Committee
(313) 831-0835
or The Cass Co-op
(313) 831-7452

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