Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Round up the usual suspects

I'm thinking about catalysts, discussions of Mysore being like Cassablanca (not!), and more of the "yoga being outside of linear time" stuff I blathered about yesterday.

After practice this morning, Matthew mentioned that he believed it was possible to alter DNA if you're open to such things. You all know that I've been pounding on them pomegranates for years. Practice and all is coming. :)

Oh, that reminds me of Fiona's tattoo which I have yet to post a photo of, here goes:

Cute huh? It does have a limited audience, but I'm all for it. Fiona's another brilliant Aussie.

One more photo. Here's a shot of my favorite Indian Super Hero, Dr. Rao, aka Astro Homeo and me. We're in his office which is an explosion of books and gods.

Dr. Rao broke me down to tears a few times with his passion and wisdom. Ultimately he reminded me of my beloved Grandfather. I fell in love with this man on first sight.


Meow Meow said...

awesome pic
love can work wonders

Anonymous said...

Jade jade jade!

Glad to see you here and on the Viking forum. It's been a few years, eh? I will your doing well and look forward to reading you blog.

Sphincter yourself,