Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sometimes I think I can actually do this yoga stuff

and then I remember that yoga is actually doing me. It's this realization that keeps me going in many ways. It's like submitting to an external process that cleans and expands. Then there is the realization that it is coming down the pipe from outside linear time and then there's a "crack" and I come rushing back to the concept that I'm doing yoga. The good news is that the more I practice the longer "time" there is between the initial thought and the "crack."

So yeah, practice was good this morning. :)

Here's a little announcement for my students, I am changing my schedule at Michigan Yoga Center. Beginning tomorrow I'll be teaching the 6:30 - 7:30 class and will continue with that every Wednesday. It'll be my only class on the schedule for the time being. I am moving many aspects of my life around to get a better fit and though I will miss my other 3 classes I need to finesse a few things for now. As stated yesterday there are a few other opportunities opening for me and this change will facilitate their manifestation.

Thrive on and on,

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