Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Me and Oprah got it goin' on

This morning I woke to the chanting from the Ganesh Temple across the street. One of these days I'm going to go there before practice. Of course, Sharath keeps moving my time up. This morning as I walked in he said "Tomorrow, 6 am" Now tomorrow is a led practice, but I know what he means. I think I'm going to go to the 5 am led practice tomorrow and see how that is. The 6:30 on Sunday was packed and yesterday when Sharath announced the moon day he said that some of us could come to the 5 am. I think many of the 5 am students decided to sleep in on Sunday, hence the mass of students. I guess if it is too full at 5 I can go back at 6:30.

This mornings practice was quite smooth. I need to refocus on Supta Kurmasana and get my feet properly crossed before lifting. I've been cheating a bit, but without adjustments it's a different practice all together. I know it’s been said before, but we're really blessed to have Matthew in Detroit. The attention he gives to each student is just phenomenal. I really look forward to coming home and working on the details of the asana I'm doing here. Though I feel Sharath has given me quite a bit of personal attention it's just not the same when there are 70 people practicing at once. Of course, the reasons why I'm here are different than my reasons for practicing in Detroit, so it all balances out. Being able to see and hear Guruji every morning is just phenomenal.

I can't wait for New York btw. If folks at the studio are making plans please let me know. I hear rumor here of an August tour as well.

So, other than yoga yoga yoga, what's up? Yesterday, Heathir's birthday party at the Green Hotel was a success. I think about 20 people showed up and we had some pretty good chocolate cake. I sat and listened to a great many students discuss the Vedas. I've been doing a ton of listening here. Trying to suck it all in. There are some pretty intense Vedic scholars practicing at the shala. Though I feel my practice will benefit from being here just a month, I feel that in order to really get my head around some of the philosophy I require more time here. I am going to an Ayurvedic course on Sunday and a chanting class today, but there's so much to absorb, so little time.

Anyway, after the party I went for coffee with Heathir and Rosie. Heathir went over my Vedic chart which she had put together a few days ago. Now, I've got to say that I was pretty impressed with her reading. She nailed quite a bit on the head and really did a great job with the presentation. I think I am going to go to one of the professionals here to get a full traditional reading, but I'm pretty confident in the one I just got. Here's a funny though... you kids will love this one... apparently my chart is almost identical to Oprah’s! I know, I know... it could be worse though. So, coffee turned into chats (snacks) at the Green Leaf and due to all the food at the party chats were my dinner. I was really happy to get a call from J9 while I was on my way home. We talked for quite a while.

Today I am going downtown to do some shopping and then going to the chanting class mentioned above. I'm going to try to eat less than I did yesterday. Oh man, I almost forgot dinner with the Australians! So much for eating less. I've heard it before but now must agree that life here in Mysore tends to revolve around practice and food. I think I'm loosing weight despite it all though. Oh, Damian and I were discussing packaging "India Water" as a weight loss product in the West. That's stuff'll gut you for sure. I haven't had any problems but he's been dealing with parasites since his arrival. I'm knocking on wood btw. Mysore is pretty easy to deal with but this trip to see the Elephants might be a bit more challenging.

Alright, I'm off. ~G

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