Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I've over booked myself in Mysore!

It's hard to believe but I managed to do it. I didn't get back into Gokulum in time to meet Rosie and go to the chanting class. India Time dictates that what is a 15 minute auto ride one day can easily be a 30 minute ride the next! I think that a bus hit a bike from the looks of it. Ouch!

So, I'm here updating briefly before dinner. Last night, I was up past 11 writing the confused drivel you'll find two posts prior to this. My heart is pretty heavy and even though it's confused, writing seems to lighten the load a bit.

Today I picked up a few new books at Ashok and my clothing from Rashinkar's. Maybe after dinner I'll simply curl up with a new book. Of course, I say that every night. I'll be getting up at 4 am for the 5 am led class tomorrow so a quiet night is probably best.

All my best, ~G


Anonymous said...

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Brother Infinity said...

interesting 'drivel'.

just said goodbye to Dana. the distance is in itself a reminder of many things. much love. -x