Monday, December 19, 2005

a wonderful turnout

So many aspects to post on.

First, I really want to thank everyone who came out to the Michigan Yoga Center for our Open House / Bon Voyage party. We had an incredible turnout, somewhere around 30 - 40 people and great food and drink. It was a great opportunity to talk with students outside of the typical class situation and in many cases to meet spouses and families. We also showed Ashtanga NY to give everyone a better idea of what Ashtanga is and what we are going to Mysore for. Everyone loved the film and thought it very inspiring. Many people came up and spoke with me after the film inquiring what I was able to "do." I really don't feel that I "do" yoga, but rather that yoga "does" me. Their questions did cause me to remember the awe I was in when I first saw Sharath doing Supta K. I never thought that I'd be able to anything like that! Of course, some would say I still can't! :)

We were up pretty late cleaning up after the party and getting the studio in order for morning classes so when the alarm went off at 4:45 this morning I turned it off. I thought I would give myself an extra 10 minutes but after the 10 minutes I talked myself into practicing in the afternoon. I should strive to remain flexible, right? I swear I feel like the weekend never happened. There was no rest day, no break and certainly no relaxation. I'm going to let my lunch settle a bit more and then head down to the gym and practice.

Speaking of practice, Matthew gave me Baddha Konasana on Sunday. I'm OK with A and C, but B is going to give me a bit of grief. Though my abs have really changed with my practice I still have quite a bit of flesh hanging out around them that tends to get in the way. I'm noticing this flesh more and more in my practice. It's always getting in the way! :) That's not a judgment BTW, simply an observation.

So, 9 days until Mysore! Must keep focused.

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