Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"death will give us back to god just like the setting sun"

My ipod was acting up. It wasn't playing a ton of the songs supposedly loaded on it. Purely user error of course, as I unplugged it during the middle of an update about a month ago. This weekend I finally found the time to update it again. Now I'm able to listen to 20 gigs of music without restraint. All this to explain the fact that I'm still hooked on Bright Eyes' I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning." I've really missed it over the last month. This kid is 22 years old and has tapped into something both primal and (R)evolutionary. As Bucky said, "he's writing anthems for 2012." Yep, smart kid.

Practice? yes, and it went well though I'll admit to having Mysoreitis. My practice is a struggle between focusing on breath and bandhas and thinking "am I doing this right?" "Is this where Sharath is going to look at me and send me to closing." "How am I going to do this without knocking the person next to me over?" And on and on. I'm attempting to go with no expectations but I do ponder aspects of shala etiquette and suffer from moments of anticipation. I'll admit to having some butterflies about the trip. Of course, I think that most people would find it strange that I'm more focused on my yoga practice than the trip itself! (I have no concern about packing, travel plans, etc.) But then again, I'm doing this in order to visit the spring from which ashtanga flows and the culture has a great deal to do with that flow. I just need to stay in that wide-eyed awe mode and flow with the stream no matter how chaotic it becomes.

I taught last night and it was a great class. The students are so supportive and excited about our trip! I'm going to miss them all very much! As I walked through the class yesterday I couldn't help but be amazed at how much their practice has evolved. They've each approached practice in their own way and have really worked at it. I saw these changes and openings happen on a first hand basis but seeing others work through them takes my awareness to a new level. I say it every time I teach, but I am so thankful to those who come to class and share their yoga with me. It is one of the highest honors I have ever been granted. As I travel to India one of my goals is to pay attention to details and info that I can share with my students when I return. I think that I am actually going to get a notebook to serve this function. Maybe that is what this blog will become. We will see.

8 days till Mysore! :)

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Karen said...

Have a great trip! I'm sure you'll manage to keep "beginner's mind" and really be present--and I'm sure you'll totally love your experience!