Thursday, December 22, 2005

6 days till Mysore

For those who may have been wondering, the last entry's title was from a Bright Eyes song. No hidden references there. Well, I'm sure there are hidden references, but they're not mine.

Busy? yeah, real busy. I never thought that India would be relaxing but compared to the past few weeks I can't see how it couldn't be slightly more relaxed than THIS.

I taught last night and had two great classes. I am going to REALLY miss my students. In the Twilight class I got really into the opening meditation. As all good meditations do, it took on a life of it's own. Well, it wasn't like all meditations as it did more than take on a life of its own. It actually went on its own merry way and initiated a four fold breath and then compared that four fold breath to the seasons, the winter solstice being the hold between the exhale and the inhale. Very cool, and totally not a part of my intention. I've had a few, unscripted moments like this in the past week.

So, I'll come out and admit to consistently having visions throughout my life. Of course, most of my life I was so intoxicated that I took these to be products of whatever I had imbibed. Now that I am "straight" the intensity of these visions has increased and they are more profound. The profundity probably stems from the simple fact that I'm no longer numb to them. I'll write more on this while I'm traveling. Some of it may find its way here.

I must get back to work and finish up what I need to. This is my last day at the office until Tuesday and Tuesday is my last day at the office 'till February!

Practice has been great, BTW. Matthew worked with me on my Baddha Padmasana bind, trying to get me to "throw" my arm around my back to get the right hand to bind the right foot. It struck me as very humorous at the time, but I think it may work.

Jeeze.. 5 o'clock... gotta run. ~G

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