Thursday, December 15, 2005

getting this out...

I try not to post for post for posting sake, but I've been slammed and want to get something up here for those that check this regularly. 14 days till I leave for Mysore and there are about 500 things to finish and the holidays to overcome. I'm actually so slammed that I have had little time to focus on the trip itself.

A few highlights from recent days for posterity:

On Sunday I did a forward somersault out of tittibhasana! Luckily the old aikio instincts kicked in and I managed to tuck my chin and roll otherwise I'd probably be missing some front teeth or have a broken nose.

Last night my Twilight Yoga class was quite nice. I was ill prepared to lead a discussion so we did an impromptu "ask the yogi" session. The students led us into some wonderful discussions about pain that arises from practice, breathing into or from different areas of the body, and a few others. I'll probably post my notes from this class here soon.

That's it for the time being. Enjoy the moon day. ~G

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