Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Incredible Exploding Supta K!

Before I reveal the tale of the Incredible Exploding Supta Kurmasana! I must share the fact that one of my dogs is the “Success Story of the Week” on the ASPCA site! It’s a cute little story they’ve called "From Russia, With Love."

Edit: The story is now here.

Now, on to my tale:

The alarm went off at 4:45. I kissed J9 on the forehead and tried to slip silently out from underneath the covers, the dogs and cats being no help whatsoever. Throwing on some clothes, I ran outside quickly to start the car (10* F this morning!) and came back in to do the neti pot and other pre-practice prep. At some point during this process I did something I never do. For some unknown reason, I put on this herbal deodorant that I typically use AFTER practice. I didn't even realize I had put it on until I couldn't figure out why I kept slipping out of Marichyasana C and D. Between those and Bhujapidasana I managed to spread this slippery deodorant all over my arms and legs. Yuk!

Before moving forward, I attempted to wipe this invisible substance off with my towel. I then refocused on my breath and worked my way into Kurmasana, making a note to get my legs a bit further up my arms towards my shoulders. I really got a good foundation laid. Matthew headed over as he does every morning and assisted me to release more completely to the floor. He then assisted me into Supta K as I found really good binds on the hands and feet. He helped me up, and said "exhale" as I did. Then bringing my focus to the bandhas I inhaled myself up into a good strong manifestation and BAMB! My Supta K, with the deodorant serving as lubrication, exploded in all directions. My feet flew out pushing my arms up and off the mat where I hung for a moment in mid-air. I'm sure the look on my face was classic as gravity pulled me back to the mat and I began a backwards roll from the base of my spine to the back of my head. The force of the explosion almost pushing me into some bizzaro off the top of the head version of Chakrasana!

As I rolled back down my spine and into a seated slump I laughed out loud. Matthew said something with a smile that I didn’t catch over my own laughter. I hesitated for a moment wondering where to go next. I straightened out my legs and back while reconnecting with my breath. Matthew came back behind me and this time assisted me into Supta K from a seated position. I’ve tried this unsuccessfully a few times on my own and have been meaning to ask Matthew for instruction on how to go about it. Well, I got it today and went into it deeply, lifting up, and exhaling out to a fairly well formed Tittibasana. Of course, still being greasy, I slipped out of Bakasana and fell rather than flew into Chaturanga.

All and all, though I probably won’t grease myself up again, it was a good experience. I finished out the rest of my practice and made my way to Caribou for my fix. Good times, this Ashtanga stuff is!

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