Tuesday, November 01, 2005

taking my own advice...

Last night I was feeling a bit better than yesterday morning, but still VERY rough around the edges. I even took a pain killer (oh dear!) in the hopes that it would go straight to the pain in my throat and head allowing me to get some decent rest. The good news is I slept and didn't wake until the alarm went off at 5 am. My throat and head pain kicked in but based on my post yesterday I decided to get up, get past the pain and at least see how practice would effect this illness.

I walked in and told Matthew I hadn't practiced yesterday due to being sick and that throughout the day I felt that I might of recovered more quickly if I had hit my mat despite feeling like crap. He replied in his sage like manner that practice can help to purge illness but that it can also push it further into the body. I decided to take my chances as my instincts were to sweat out whatever demons had latched on to me. I told him that practice would probably be light and he concurred that a light practice is better than no practice. I meandered into the warm and dark studio to find only one other yogi rolling out his mat.

The Suryas were slow and painful as my throat and sinuses were ultra dry AND stuffed up at the same time. But, by the time I was finishing with my 4th Surya B my body had heated up and my breath was connecting. I jumped out of the practice space twice to clear my sinuses without disturbing the others who were slowly arriving. I was actually feeling pretty good. I thought about stopping at Virabhadrasana B and going to closing, but the heat was consistent and I felt like I was kicking out something. I elected to continue on to seated. There were a few pauses and my typical lack of connection with mula bandha was even more pronounced than usual. Jump backs are becoming the bane of my practice.

Regardless, I made it through to Supta K, where I have been stopping for the past month or so. Matthew was a trooper and adjusted me through it even though he knew I was toxic. Part of me wanted to say "no no, don't touch me, I'm tainted" but being that tomorrow is the new moon and I didn't practice yesterday I wanted to get that opening only Supta K can kick. I know, I know… ambition rears it’s head.

The cool thing is that I walked out of the studio feeling like I was running at about 80% efficiency. I had been at 50% when I walked in. It’s about 11 am here and I’m still feeling good. Not 100% yet, but much better than yesterday. So now I know to just push through the pain to my mat next time. Of course, God willing, I won’t see any more illness this season.

Moon day tomorrow, rest rest rest!

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