Monday, October 31, 2005

Jeremy Narby & Franz Treichler Interview

"Jeremy Narby’s critical view of anthropology has been marked by his stays in the Amazonian forest. He spent several years in Peru working with the Indians, notably on the issue of territorial rights. That’s where he met with shamans, who gave him an intimate knowledge of the hallucinatory sphere. He was thus able to construct new hypotheses for research and to write a controversial book, The Cosmic Serpent, which was published in 1995. He’s currently carrying on with his investigations with the writing of a book on the intelligence of nature and with the Amazonia Ambient Project. The AAP links up anthropologic tales - about ecology, shamanism and the encounter with different cultures - with the improvised music of The Young Gods, a band that was founded by Franz Treichler in the early 80s. For this new performance, the band draws its inspiration from their new ambient album entitled Music for Artificial Clouds, which mingles electro-organic sounds, percussions and recordings made in Amazonia."

Arthur Interview:

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