Monday, October 31, 2005

illness creeping

I spent a great deal of time outside this weekend, working on finishing the siding on the wall next to our back door on Saturday and carving pumpkins on Sunday. I don't know if it is being outside or the extra sweets that seem to find their way into my diet around this time of year, but either way there is an illness creeping in.

After Saturday's rest day, I got to my mat Sunday and had a great practice. But my the end of the day yesterday my throat was sore. The alarm went off at 5 AM this morning to call me to the mat but I didn't heed the call as I felt like crap. Since I started yoga I have rarely been sick, but when I am it always begs the question whether practice will help or hinder the illness. Part of me thinks that it will assist to purge my system and the other part brings the fact that I will simply weaken myself further with the activity. Actually, it will probably be a combination of both. So the ideal would be to call in sick to work, go and practice as intensely as possible, and then take rest for the remainder of the day. Someday soon I'll be able to practice that, but until I shuffle off this corporate coil, I have to preserve what energy I have for "the man."

I finished Narby's Intelligence in Nature on Sunday and just picked up his first book The Cosmic Serpent, DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. It feels great to be reading on a daily basis again. For a while there I swore off books in exchange for experiential knowledge. As with everything... moderation.

Other notes: I "picked up" the new Boards of Canada, Vashti Bunyan, Animal Collective, and Colder releases. Their all sounding pretty good so far. I really dig Vashti! Sweet stuff.

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