Thursday, October 27, 2005

Intelligence in Nature

Jeremy Narby's latest book has held me in awe for the past two days. Intelligence in Nature documents his search for intelligence in nature. I just finished the chapter where he visits Martin Giurfa, a scientist who recently demonstrated that bees can handle abstract thought. Without writing a book report here, I am particularly interested in the fact that science is slowly proving that brain size has little to do with intelligence. The ability to handle abstraction is not a exclusive trait of humans and other mammals. I believe that Narby is moving towards locating intelligence in plants. This is a fascinating work. Intelligence will be discovered on a cellular level and as this realization is brought into consensus consciousness the veil of reality will be pulled aside further.

Onward, I will practice this evening with Monica at City Yoga. I may be teaching some of her classes in the near future. As stated yesterday, this has been a great week for changing up my practice. It's become very dynamic and light. Tomorrow, I'm going to go to Matthew's led primary before assisting in day two of Reiki II at IMI. Forward.

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