Wednesday, October 26, 2005

the shaman and the yogi

Last night I was blessed to be able to attend one of Abby’s “House Vinyasa” classes. She is wonderful and an inspiration. My practice in the past three days has been quite different than it has been in the past. Monday I didn’t get up and go to the loft but rather left work early and found my way to the studio in Northville to practice. I set up my new i pod speakers and threw on some classical Indian music as I prepared to go through the primary. Before I got started, I went through a shift and put on Sophie Rimheden’s “Hi-fi” release. It was quite odd. I never listen to music while practicing Ashtanga let alone glitchy pop music! Though I was constantly loosing track of my breath it gave my practice a bit of an edge. It is hard to explain. Yesterday, as stated, I practiced with Abby, which was challenging and different as well. Today I kind of fell back into a fairly “normal” practice as I did short form with Stephanie here at CPWR.

So, what is this shift? I’m not bored with practice, but there seems to be a question mark that was not there before this last weekend. I will not go into great details about my weekend here but will state that I traveled and went through a shamanistic initiation that has struck me to my very core. I died, walked with the spirits, and came back with an understanding of my nature that is far more expansive than I can properly express with language. I feel that my ability to be open to this experience and to successfully submit to it was benefited from my experience with yoga over the past few years. In many ways, for me, yoga was a mandatory precursor to this vision quest as it has cleaned out a great deal of the physical and psychological debris collected through my life.

I know not where I will go from here. My yoga is changing, I can feel that. My month in Mysore is going to arrive at a very important time. No expectations. My desire is to follow my bliss.

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