Thursday, October 06, 2005

practice is the constant

Throughout all tulmut consistent practice is the goal. I've kept up with this since I began exclusively practicing Ashtanga a year ago. I can probably count the days without practice (not counting saturdays and moondays) on two hands. I'm pleased with my dedication to the practice. I have never found myself so dedicated to any activity or process before. But I'm not just typing a "how great I am" blog here. I am interested in the days that I don't practice and what goes on in my head when that happens. If, for whatever reason, I don't make it to the mat on any given day I become an emotional wreck. I'm all over the place without recourse to reason. This continues until I make it to my mat the next day. Everything then settles down and I am able to function.

OK, I may be exaggerating slightly, but this is a very noticeable side effect of missing practice.

Speaking of practice. I've had two days in a row of great practice! Wednesday's at CPWR and this morning's at Ashtanga Michigan. This positive work comes after not getting to my mat on Tuesday. (Hence the above rant.)


boodiba said...

Do you never get injured?? I have moments all the time. SI sprain @ the beginning of last winter. First I stopped running regularly, but then I had to miss some practice. Had my shoulder popped into place by my witch doc / chiro guy in August & I had to stay off my upper body for like 4 days. Ran a lot. Now the thing is the T12. Basically all the leg over the head poses piss it off like crazy. I finally gave in & went back to witch doc. Am going to quit job & go to India next winter, so trying to be frugal. And I'm like, there's no WAY I'm practicing tomorrow. Just primary not offset by kapotasana is not what I need right now. I feel like about 20% of the time, I'm working around an injury.

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