Monday, August 08, 2005

all is coming, very quickly!

Just a short post here as I am slammed. Three full weeks until Burning Man, two weeks until my Theraputic exam at IMI and these are going to be busy weeks as I finish up all the requirements for the program. When all goes as planned I will be finished with IMI completely two days before I get on the plane to San Fran. I'll go to my graduation ceremony in September and probably take my national certification in October and then... hmmm. There are so many possibilities.

The fact that I am now teaching yoga once a week makes it fairly certain that I will manifest as a RYT (registered yoga teacher) before the end of the year. I taught twice last week and it went phenomenally. I can't begin to express what a blast it is to share yoga with people and assist as they move through the work. I got home last Wednesday and was just lit! Liz spoke with me about the possibility of adding a few more classes to the schedule once I get back from Burning Man. I'm quite excited about that possibility.

Due to having to figure out my teaching schedule in September, I approached Kathy, the Director at IMI, about finalizing the details of my apprenticeship for next year. I also told her that I'd be in India for the entire month of January and that I hoped that wouldn't interfere. She gave me the go ahead for Tuesday nights and said India wouldn't be a problem as long as the students knew it was a planned thing and didn't get the impression that I simply disappeared. So, I'll be teaching massage at IMI in September!

Last year when I returned from Burning Man I rededicated myself to yoga and began studying at IMI. Upon my return from Burning Man this year I will be teaching yoga and teaching massage! How incredible is that?

And then there is India... I can't even begin to fathom. :)

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