Saturday, June 11, 2005

Yoga is Yoga, No Matter Where You Are

I take back what I said earlier about Marshal being a bad place for a yogi!

Regardless of being in Marshal practice was great this morning. I hit the pool room right at 7 and got to it. The heat in the room was wonderful! It was very humid as well and I sweat more than usual, which is amazing as I didn't think that I could sweat more.

I was pretty slow and conscious of each asana. I know that more than a few people walked in and checked out what I was doing. It was distracting but I had expected it. I have a feeling that they don't get many people doing yoga here, especially men. I went through to Marichyasana D and then did my finishing, paying particular attention to Sirsasana as it assisted with releasing my sinuses.

An excellent practice! I look forward to hitting the pool room again tomorrow morning.

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