Saturday, June 11, 2005

Marshal Minnesota - not the best place for a Yogi!

We left Detroit around 11:30 PM Thursday and drove straight through to Marshal, Minnesota around 1:00 PM Friday. We stopped only to change drivers and (horror of horrors) stop at McDonald's for breakfast. (I had one of there fruit and yogurt thingys, but somehow still felt dirty.)

Marshal is a very rural town, about 3 hours away from St. Paul. This is the sort of place where K-Mart and Wal-Mart really duke it out and the most ethnic restaurant is Chinese. I've also been bombarded with meat since we got here. The rehearsal dinner last night was a pig roast where the only non-meat item was potato salad! Jeannine and I ended up making potato salad sandwiches (which were actually quite good). The reception dinner this evening will be more of the same I'm sure. It's a good thing we brought a bag of banana chips and a handful of cliff bars!

Based on being crammed into a car for over 14 hours I elected to turn Friday into my rest day and I'm about to practice this morning instead. I'm typing in the lobby of our hotel as I wait for them to open up the pool at 7:00. I'm hoping that the pool room is warmer than any of the other over air conditioned rooms in this joint.

Looks like they just opened up the pool room. Time to chant!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Greg...I'll be in Mysore from July 20 to the third week of December, so I'll see you when your there.