Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Practice through change

Wheels are turning pretty fast these days. Though I find my documentation here is failing my practice isn't. I practiced mysore at the Loft Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Each day Matthew has worked with me on Bhujapidasana, though I have to say I don't seem to be coming along with it at all. My upper body strength is just not cutting it. I dare say that I may need to hit the weights for a couple of weeks to coax my shoulders and arms into the asana. But when it comes down to it I simply not that concerned at the moment. Today, I'm happy stopping at Navasana. I'll work on Bhujapidasana, sure, but I'm not going to stress on it. There's too many other things going on right now.

Oh, the big "look ma" action of the week is that I've been crossing my legs into the full lotus for Urdhva Padmasana without using my hands! woo hoo!

Today, I didn't go to the loft because I'll be doing Ashtanga (one hour short form) with Liz here at noon.

So what's all this change? Well, first off I was convinced that things had fallen through and I was not going to be able to go to Mysore. It was pretty upsetting and I spent a great deal of time trying not to think about it. During this time I decided that if I wasn't going to Mysore I might as well go to Burning Man. So I joyfully bought my ticket and everything else required for my second journey to the playa. Now, in light of a few recent developments, it looks like I will be going to Mysore anyway... So I, once again, get to do it all. :) Of course, my time in Mysore is going to be much less than I anticipated, but I am looking to make up for that with frequency over many years.

But all that is nothing compared to the big deal of the NOW! I'm very excited that Liz asked me to come and work with her at her new studio. The studio is beautiful and the energy there is quite pleasant and conducive. I feel very honored that she asked me to come and teach. I'm quite hesitant about taking on a class at the moment, but have decided that I will assist her for a while until I become more comfortable. Teaching yoga is something that I have wanted to do for so long now! It's kind of the holy grail for me and having it in sight has been emotional and very humbling. I simply can't put my feelings into words here. I figured that I would have to spend a great deal of money and time doing a shala here in Detroit to be able to teach, but now Liz has opened up the door to sharing my love of yoga with others and I am so grateful. I'm now looking into doing the RYT as an independent. I simply need to work on my contact hours with Liz and document everything.

I sound like a giddy little schoolgirl here...

Ok, back to straight faced ashtangi!

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