Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Horrible Truth

Ashtanga 35

I must admit it, I practiced twice today and horror or horrors, one of them was a short form class! "Bad Man!"

I woke right at 5 and save a few issues with finding my gear I made it to the loft in time to begin right at 5:30. I'm trying to be very conscious of my time because I want to make sure that Jeannine gets to work on time. We work in the same building and are both due in at 8 AM. This being said I am letting go of the idea of getting the entire primary finished in an hour and a half (though I know it can be done).

Today, I focused on my breath and movement. I attempted to get one movement per breath and when that was not possible (my knee issues make the concept of getting into and out of an asana more than a one breath rough) at least moving with the breath. I figure that I will get through the asana more quickly if I keep this as a focus. My point here is not speed, rather getting through more of the series and benefiting from the asana.

Regardless, I worked through to Navasana before finishing, gave myself a decent amount of time in Savasana, and left the loft right at 7. Of course, due to other issues we were still late, but at least there is an effort there.

At work, noon came rolling around and due to it being a rough morning I decided it would be a good idea to hit my mat and simply take it easy. I have been doing a few Suryas and then a few finishing asana with long Pasmasana or Savasana in between. But, today I was running a bit late and found myself full on in the heat of the primary. Of course, once I start I have a hard time stopping and so I just went for it. Plus, I have to say that I'm a sucker for Liz. I really enjoy her style and have a very hard time just laying there when she is teaching. Due to it being a short form class I'm having a hard time defining what we did and what I THOUGHT of doing.

After class Liz worked on my shoulders a bit and she shared the news of her Mysore plans with me. Looks like we will get to work together in Mysore! How very cool.

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