Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bhujapidasana Blues

Ashtanga 36

I am amazed at the speed of some of the other yogis at the loft!

I arrived at the loft at 5:40 and got right to Surya Namaskara A. I got through Utthita Hasta Padanguthasana before pausing to chant with everyone at 6. As I moved to seated I began to notice that others in the class were catching up with me even though they just got started themselves. Now, I know this is not a competition and I am suitably uncompetitive, but I am simply observing and wondering what it must be like to be able to float and fly through the asana? At one point I attempted to keep pace with the woman next to me, but my knees simply wouldn't go for it and she blew past me in the Marichys.

Mathew adjusted me in Marichyasana A. He brought my foot further out away from my leg and back a bit. Closer to where my "sit" bone was planted. By doing this I was able to open up and fold down further than I have before. I must make a note of this and try it again tomorrow.

I'm getting to the point where I'm simply going to say "screw it" and forget about my knees. I worry that I am using the problem as a reason to slow down my pace. I notice that I use this kind of psychology often. If I'm not vigilant with my thoughts I will do things like grab my towel and wipe my face between each asana. Or if I am near a wall while balancing I will unconsciously reach out towards the wall for balance. It's almost as if I want to slow the practice down. Part of me thinks that I shouldn't worry about it and simply take it as it comes. The other part wants to work on timing, connection to breath and the flow of the series. I suppose I just need to take a little bit from each part as I move through the ebb and flow of practice.

I attempted to end in Bhujapiasana and just managed to fall on my ass! I really need to work n releasing my shoulders and opening up my chest. I have come a long way, but as Matthew pointed out as I was moving to finishing, I need to stop collapsing my shoulders. This will assist with many of the asana and with my jump throughs and backs.

A few other notes: I was out of clean yoga shorts so I wore a pair of longer shorts. They had zippers in the legs and I must say zippers are NOT cool during Marichy B and D! I also had numbness in my left thumb. It was quite irritating and problematic when trying to balance. I'm not sure what caused it, but I think it has something to do with the wrist issue I wrote of a few days ago.

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