Friday, June 03, 2005

The Joy of Parsvottanasana

My OCD is pleased to track the 37th day of practice (save Saturdays and Moon Days). I am also pleased that I just went downstairs and bought a large soy chai from the Blend. It’s not the greatest chai, but it hits the spot on a cloudy day like today. I may have to make chai a Friday tradition.

Friday’s led class at the loft is always a good time. I often feel the time crunch though, as I have to be at work at 8 and the class begins at 6. There was a large group today, I think around 15 of us and a few I haven’t seen before (or never noticed which is probably more likely). I’ve been trying to move around in the space a bit, staking out different real estate every morning in order to avoid developing habits within my practice. I used to be a facing east nazi but thankfully I moved beyond that.

I was a little sloppy with some of the standing asana this morning. It was probably due to my inability to lock into the Bandhas properly. It was really apparent in the Prasarita Padottanasanas. Of course, everything came together at Parsvottanasana. I’m not sure what it is about this asana, but my whole body seems to light up and come into itself here. I know it has something to do with the slight twist in the low back that I get as I move the forward leg’s hip back (to the western, posterior side) and slowly touch my chin to my shin. Matthew came over during my second side and assisted me in bringing my hands together opening up my shoulders. Nice one!

He also came over and brought my toes to the ground in Purvottanasana. I have always blown through this asana without really working on it. I’m going to focus on this during the next week and see if I can open up enough to get those toes down.

After yesterday’s assistance with the Marichyasanas I worked to get my foot placed further away from my center yet in line with my “sit” bones and this assisted greatly as I was almost able to get my chin to my knee in A. My bind on the left side in D was a little weak. I glanced at the clock right before going into the asana and realized that I had to get to finishing ASAP. Time is always such an issue in my practice.

I did jack my knee on a jump through during the Janus. My right leg slipped out of place as I was about to jump through and I landed on my heal causing a thrust of intense pain in my knee. Really, it’s my first “oops” since the surgery (three months ago now) so my body should be able to recover from the shock. I moved right along without hesitation and all seemed fine through the rest of the series. If the knee talks to me at all today I’ll ice it for a while.

Other than composing this blog in my head during Savasana (bad man!), finishing was smooth.

OK I am now off to my 11 AM practice with Liz. I will NOT over do it! A few Surya Namaskaras and some finishing asana and that’s it. I figure typing this here will inspire me to stick to this, we'll see. Sometimes she cooks up some tempting asana on Fridays.


Julie said...

Funny, though it's technically not correct, in Mari A, I need to move my heel in closer to my thigh in order to feel right. I asked my teacher about this once and he said it is probably because I'm more flexible. If I put the heel out too far to the outside, it really tweaks in the internal hip.

susan said...

funny, I have been thinking up blogs during savasana of lately.I get so excited I forget to relax.bad lady!