Sunday, May 08, 2005

Ashtanga - Guruji's forehead

A post from the Ashtanga yahoo list:

The three markings on Guruji's forehead are an indication of his commitment to his faith. In his case, as I understand it, he is a devotee of Vishnu, one of the incarnations of Krishna (the Supreme Godhead). The white markings are made by clay from a particular sacred lake and are sometimes seen on seven other points of the body. The marks are known as 'the footprints of Vishnu' and mark his body as a Temple of God.

Other Hindus follow other practices, and the marks may be red, and much smaller dots, located at different points on the forehead. They all indicate that the Hindu has followed his or her devotional practices that day. I could be wrong on all this - if anyone knows any different, please tell me. Best regards, Annie, Purple Valley.

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