Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ashtanga 12

I had a hard time getting up this morning. Thoughts of just skipping practice ran through my head. I eventually managed to thrust myself out from the covers and get my gear on. I did puja and rushed out the door into the cold cold cold Michigan air. I'm going to have to find some sweat pants for tomorrow as it is supposed to be a record breaking cold night. It's funny but once I hit that cold air all I can think about is getting to the loft as I know it will be 80 degrees!

I managed to get to my mat by 5:30 and finished one side of Ardha Baddah Padmottanasana before the chant at 6:00. I went through the to Marichyasana D without any adjustments and even managed to get into the right side of D without Matthew's help. I crumbled on the left side though and Matthew assisted, but only slightly. I think I must be opening up a bit. I finished with 3 Navasana.

My issues with Janu Sirsasana B continued and my Purvottanasana is a bit weak. Once I moved to my finishing asana Matthew came over and assisted me with Sarvangasana, pulling in my shoulders and positioning my legs properly. He also offered advise about Sirsasana A & B. If pressure is applied by the hands to the ground it will take the weight off the lower back and move it into the middle back, which can handle it better.

I am looking longingly at everyone else's black mats. I keep on getting hung up and sticking to my mat. I mean, it has served me well but I think that I am catching my toes on in during my jump throughs. Today I almost ripped my big toe off on a jump through and afterwards proceeded to kick my arm and cut it with my toe nail each time. I'm thinking that one of these mats will be nice to have before NYC. Of course, I'll then need to buy a mat blanket for my seated asana. You wouldn't think of yoga as a costly pursuit, but it can get that way.

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