Friday, August 13, 2010

Good Night Blog

This blogger site has served me well for over 5 years. I've transferred all the files over to, sealed up the doors and windows and, after a blatantly nostalgic walk-through, I'm closing this chapter.

There's a great deal documented here. I'm certainly not the same person I was when I returned to Detroit in 2000. This blog, when taken in conjunction with my old Live Journal and the Vitriol Archives (this Wayback Machine version is uber slow), make up the majority of my computer documentation. Up until 2000 I was still active with my hand-written journals.

I find the need to electronically trace and track old links and blogs in order to properly archive my work fascinating. Now that Aya Eden is here I'm a bit more mindful of keeping proper records. Loosing track of these chunks of documentation would stink.

This blog started as my personal and rather egotistical yoga journal and oddly enough turned into something called Detroit As A Portal for Global Transformation. That in and of itself makes me smile.

Thanks to those who have tuned this channel in over the past five years. Please keep up with the story at

In Health, Joy & Liberation,

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