Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Writing & Speaking Out, Alcohol As A Gas, Food Policy Meet

One of my post-USSF resolutions is to begin to use this blog a bit more. There's a great many reasons for this, but the most vital is to get the writing juices going again. For a moment there I was actually calling myself a writer. This wasn't because I simply wanted to, but because I was writing at least 2 hours a day and getting paid (directly and indirectly) by doing so. Aya Eden has blessed us in many ways, but he's been hard on writing as my silence here and through Detroit Evolution easily reveals. You'll probably have to deal with some rather off the cuff posts and half thoughts, but I'll try to post daily. You've been warned! :)

A few things on point today.

Leeann and I sat down and finished up the press release for July's Detroit Abides. We're going to share some of Alcohol Can Be a Gas and then do our best to guide the discussion towards viable do-it-yourself alt energy projects happening in and around Detroit. Look for a facebook event invite to come across your screen soon. Detroit Abides is our free monthly movie night in Eastern Market that we host with the support of Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit and Eastern Market Corporation. It's offered up on the 3rd Wednesday of every month in Shed 5 from 7-9pm. It's a good thing to sit amongst pallets of produce with friends and neighbors to watch a film and talk about our shared future. Please consider joining us this month. Bring a chair!

Speaking of Eastern Market, I'll be there tonight for the monthly Food Policy Council meeting. Another post-USSF resolution is to be more present and open to the important work going in right here in Detroit. As the USSF, I looked to a great many outside resources for missing pieces and for answers to specific questions. Of course, the answers or pieces that most closely fit were coming back at me from Detroit. Most of them coming from our friends, heroes and partners working in urban agriculture. I want to support them and work to co-create an equitable, just and resilient food system in Detroit. I'm attending these monthly meetings to increase my own awareness so I can become more vocal/active about the measures that have to be taken to help facilitate the change that's coming. I'm no expert, but I need to learn more and share what I know and "see" with anyone who will listen at this point.

To this end, Caitlin is going to be teaching this evening's 6:30 People's Yoga session at Spirit of Hope Church. I encourage you to attend tonight as Caitlin teaches an incredible class. Angela and I have been attending her morning classes and benefiting from them greatly. I know that my regular student's bodies will appreciate the changes offered in her sessions. I think that our styles are very complimentary.

To go off a bit, one of the joys and complexities of yoga is that it takes so many forms. I'm well aware that I've spent a great deal of my life hooked on particular and certain forms, but at the same time I must recognize that the most profound changes in my life have occurred in the moments when I've been taken by aberrant and uncertain forms. All this to recommend that folks work with as many different instructors as possible and to try out as many manifestations of yoga as one can find. Oh, and do this throughout your yoga, ahem.. "career." Sure, give into the modes of being that can emerge from yoga, but be flexible. I've been in the Ashtanga mode for about 10 years now, but I always try to open myself to other manifestations. I feel a certain shift happening currently, so my research and practice begins anew, striving to stay open to new forms.

So, that's what happens when I don't edit. Whew, it's going to be rough to hit "publish."

Please consider coming to the Food Policy Council meeting tonight at 5:30p in the Eastern Market office. I'm not sure how many people will be there or how these meetings go, but there's only one way to find out.

One note: Tomorrow is the Bogg's Center USSF Wrap-up and I'll be heading in that direction as well. I'll post the details on that sometime today. It's time to wake the family and get to work.

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