Saturday, May 23, 2009

No Yoga on Monday! - Thanks for Vegan Indian

Wow, the Market is busy this morning! We're about to venture into the sheds again as we forgot to pick up Tamari from Living Zen Organics. We've got a few chores this afternoon and then we're actually going to attempt to take a day off!

Alan is heading over to the Heidelburg Garden to drop our compost and water some of the hot crops we just planted. There isn't much land behind the Lab on Service Street. Though we've had the soil tested and its good to go, there's a ton of semi traffic right next to the beds so we're going to plant flowering rather than edible plants here on the street. Due to this we went looking for another garden to get involved with. We honored to join and learn a great deal from our friends from SEED Wayne as we help with this 2 lot project at McDougal & Heidelburg. We'll be having work days and are putting together a program where you can volunteer at the garden in exchange for classes at the Lab! If you're interested in helping out with this please drop me a line.

Vegan Indian was wonderful last night! We are so grateful to everyone who came out. These classes help keep the Lab up and running and your support means everything to us. We had a great group of people and everyone was thrilled with the food. Ryan Gates set the mood for dinner with beautiful music. Afterward, we watched Ashtanga, NY together and I reminisced about Guruji a bit. It was another incredible Lab event. And the good news? We're going to expand our cross-legged classes and continue them in June and beyond. In fact, all of our June classes will be posted here soon. We're going to put the final touches on the schedule this weekend... there goes that day off! :)

Please enjoy the weekend in Detroit!
Blessings to you and yours!

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