Thursday, May 21, 2009

Detroit Abides, Locked Out of FB, Yoga Tonight!

I'm going to sit down and attempt a personal post. Amazing I know.

Aya is here next to me, he's a ball of energy to be sure. I actually had to strap him in his swing this morning for the first time as he's kicking up a storm. He just sits there with a huge smile kicking away. If we could harness that energy we'd be set!

I want to thank everyone who came out to Detroit Abides last night. FLOW is quite a powerful film. If you missed it last night you can watch the full movie on google. To connect to other Detroiters concerned about water visit Michigan Welfare Rights Org. They have a link to the current petition that was passed around last night.

We're meeting with Eastern Market and Great Lakes Bioneers, Detroit this morning to expand Detroit Abides and set our movie screening schedule for the next few months. If anyone would like to get involved with this incredible event, we always could use assistance and muscle to set up and tear down. As always, you can get me at

Speaking of communication, I've been locked out of Facebook so if you would like to send me something please use old fashioned email. I think I needed a FB break anyway, so it is good, but it might throw a kink into our communication. Someone mentioned something about mercury being in retrograde. I'm not big on that kind of talk, but will acknowledge a certain tendency for technology to turn against me in relation to mercury.

Ok, I'm off to this Detroit Abides meeting and then I have a Bioneers Planning Committee meeting this afternoon. Looking forward to yoga this evening and our Vegan Indian class tomorrow night! Shanti.

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